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The Market

The 2017 fitness industry had a spend of $83.15 billion, up from $74.45 billion in 2016.

Spending for nutrition has skyrocketed since 2014.

  • 2014 - $125 billion

  • 2015 - $168 billion

  • 2016 - $281 billion

  • 2017 - $362 billion

The top trends for fitness in 2017 were:

  • #1 - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • #2 - Body weight workouts

  • #3 - Wearable technology

  • #4 - Nutrition incorporated into training

  • #5 - Personalized fitness trainers

  • #6 - Strength training

  • #11 - Training for older adults

  • #12 - Training for youth

Women's Marketing Inc. named the Fitness App industry as the next trillion dollar industry!

Generation Z:

  • Already 23% of the United States population

  • Focuses on balance, proactive health & wellness, exercise & nutrition for health, emotional & stress elimination through fitness, and fun

  • Highly tech dependent - more than 75% utilize app technology with their fitness & nutrition program

Flurry Mobile Analytics:

  • App usage increased by 330%

  • Average fitness app usage is greater than 10 times per week

  • Largest complaint of current apps is not being all inclusive to include exercise and nutrition together

  • Second largest complain of current apps is not having a social platform or integration for fitness app

Risks & Challenges

Risk #1 - Market has many fitness apps, what sets us apart?

  • We are meeting the need of incorporating exercise & nutrition

  • Advertising through technology of Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

  • Current customer base through existing fitness business

Risk #2 - Will the "Ease of Use" allow for easy integration?

  • Simple quick touch menu for fast access to logs, exercises, nutrition, etc.

  • Incorporating barcode scanner into nutritional system for ease of use in grocery shopping

  • Incorporating over a million foods from common restaurants into nutritional log system

  • Incorporating drag & drop ability for exercises into workout plans

  • Exercises include instructions in text, pictures of exercise and embedded video of exercise being performed correctly

  • Integrating calendar for exercise and meals

  • Incorporating over 4,000 different exercises

  • Incorporating filter & search options on exercises so user can select muscle group

Risk #3 - Will users realize enough value to continue membership?

  • Integrating social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram for easy posting, progress & updates

  • Proprietary social platform within app allows user to compete against or together towards goals, allows for discussion groups and sharing of progress

  • Badges for completing both competitions and reaching fitness and nutrition milestones

  • Push notifications to keep user motivated and reminded of app usage 

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